Tattered, Stitched & Oh So Loved..

A paraphrase inspired by an old devotion that always sparks humility when I read it again~

I am living proof of the scandalous nature of God’s grace.
Of His willingness to forgive and restore ugly, tattered places.

I don’t write from a platform of perfection but from a foundation of mercy that I believe was established & finished by Jesus.
I believe He came so that you and I could live beyond our pasts – beyond our disappointments – beyond our biggest mistakes & deepest fears & pains. He came so we could be forgiven, made new & have abundant life. Full. Life. Lord help us to get there.

I don’t know where this finds you right now, but God knows all & still His love remains & does not waiver.
In my experience, it never, ever, ever changes.
If it did, I would be done for. Just done.
A greasy spot, a heap of ash.
A pile of if-onlys, should-haves, could-haves & would-haves.

I categorically stumble, fall, get back up, rinse, lather & repeat.
I am a ragamuffin. For sure. And a very grateful one.
Worn thread-bare by life, torn apart by pressures & pulling & tugging. Stitched back together again by the most Loving hands. Ever. Over & over. And over.


“I have been seized by the power of a great affection.” ~ Brennan Manning

Much love y’all,


(image found on pinterest)


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