A Sweet Lesson In An Unexpected Way

I went by & saw my sister Pam at the nursing home yesterday after work. She lit up like a Christmas tree when I walked in, like she does with everyone who comes to see her. She is always grateful, always complimentary, always warm. She is doing much better. She’s eating most of her food, 3 times a day, and has gained some weight. She is a lot more alert, stronger & more talkative. A miracle. Thank you Lord.

She has a roommate, a much older woman who I think may have had a stroke. She isn’t able to really talk anymore, but can form some words. And she’s able to wheel herself around slowly in her chair. I was watching her yesterday as I was visiting with my sister. There was a little side table over across the room from her bed & on it was a zip-lock bag of M&M’s. Every few minutes she would roll over & gingerly take one from the bag & pop it in her mouth. You could almost hear the angels singing. A tiny thing to some, but it surely gave her great joy. As it did me to witness it. 

She is basically trapped inside her body, with little mobility. Yet she still painstakingly finds her way to something sweet, just for her.
It struck me, like so many things do. I am thankful God teaches me, sharing & showing me things I might miss otherwise.

In some commonality, we are all trapped within ourselves at times throughout life. Whether it be a physical condition, depression, loneliness, etc. And if we can just find our way to something sweet – whether it be a little confection, the love of an animal, a hug for a friend, a soak in the tub with candles, sitting with Jesus in the quiet or on the balcony with wind chimes & birds singing our song – then the darkness is dispelled. Even if just for a few moments. God’s grace to us. Just one facet of it.

Help us Lord, to see & reach for the sweet spots in life for they are all around us. To not allow the enemy to rob us of all hope.
To lead us beside those still waters.
Thank you for Loving us & for the gifts You give.
For the little things that make all the difference in the world sometimes.

You are so incredibly good to us, in spite of us.

In Jesus’ Mighty name,


Mini Assorted Rainbow M&M's Milk Chocolate Candy

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