What It Is & What It Isn’t

“My love is endless and My grace is unfathomable in your life. I am not that hard to get along with. I am not an austere God sitting on the throne of heaven hurling lightning bolts of judgment against you. If you are going to truly know who I am then you are going to have to relentlessly jettison from your life the widespread and false understandings of who I am not. I am not the author of confusion. I am not the point of origin for suffering in your life. I am not unkind or unmerciful. I do not hold Myself aloof from your pain or withdraw from you in times of suffering. All of these things have been taught in My name by those who claim to have the authority to impose upon you their understanding of My character. They have Me all wrong.” – Father’s Heart Ministry
Many of us have sat on pews, folding chairs & floors & stood in overflows for years buying into the expertly-decorated notion that God is the author of our suffering. That He brought the cancer or the tragedy or the peril. Or that when something bad befalls us it is a direct result of something wrong we did. Yes, sometimes our actions bring consequences. Duh. But sometimes, it’s just LIFE. We live in a fallen world with a whole lot of bad & a whole lot of good. That is why I believe I so desperately need God in my life. And why I don’t understand how anyone makes it with any peace or without Him.
Oh taste & see that the Lord is good…

And nowhere in the bible does it say “God never gives you more than you can bear” or “God helps those who help themselves.”

It does talk a lot about trials & tribulations & temptations & such.
Breaking news: We all face these things.
And it talks a lot of grace & mercy & forgiveness & Love.
And we all need these things.

Through Christ who strengthens us we can do all things & we are more than conquerors because of His Love. When we place our trust in Him, when we cast our cares on Him, when we pray, when we really start to believe – even just scratching the surface – that He is all to us that He says He is ~ that’s when we see what victory really is. In all its facets – ever-changing but promised when we place our faith in God.

The Hope of Glory ~ Our King that casts out all fear if we will just trust. Lord help us.

Hallelujah – I am preaching to myself this morning.

Much love y’all & letting go of wrong-beliefs where we need them most,


(image courtesy of favim.com)


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