Broken Places ~ Guest Writer

I wanted to share with you a piece written by a very dear friend for an online Christian publication. She is a precious, sweet & beautiful soul & a true-blue best friend to me. And apparently has had a hidden talent all along for writing. This will bless you. I just know it.

Happy Friday y’all, and much love!!!


Broken Places
By : Nancy M.

When I was a young child one of my favorite pastimes was playing with “Barbie” dolls. I had the whole “Barbie” kit and caboodle. You name it, I had it! I can recall that, for some odd reason, most of my Barbie dolls were missing their toes. I have vivid memories of this. I cannot remember exactly why their toes were missing, probably because our dog chewed the toes off or , who knows, maybe I chewed their toes off.  
As children grow up, they are very much influenced by their surroundings. Some are nurtured, encouraged, cared for, and comforted by the adults in their lives. Some are spoken to lovingly and are, most likely, destined for success.
Some, on the other hand, did not have that kind of encouragement. Some grew up in total dysfunction. It is no fault of our own, it is just the reality of how we were raised. And, just as my Barbie dolls were missing their toes, we too, have broken places. We have soul gaps that were never filled with words of encouragement and empty hearts that longed to be accepted, nurtured and loved.
As adults we are then faced with dealing with our broken places. Sometimes people choose things that make the broken places more broken. Things like alcohol, drugs, unhealthy relationships, gossip and the list is endless. The sad result is that, after the hangover or the high has ended or the relationship comes to a crashing halt, the broken places are still there. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is fixed this way.
If you are tired of searching for the answers to the broken places then let me share what I have learned. God is the answer to the broken places. I am not talking about the God that I was taught about as a child, the God who beats us over the head with every mistake, the God who sits upstairs keeping records of each bad choice and then putting check marks by our name.
I am talking about Jesus, God’s one and only son , Jesus. Jesus is the opposite of the God that I learned about growing up. Jesus is a friend of sinners. He comes to us in our broken places. He loves us in our broken places. He carries us in our broken places. Praise God, He shows us our broken places. He is the best thing that ever happened to me and the very one thing in my life that is NOT broken.
Jesus is the anchor that holds the soul in place. He is the refuge in the storms of life. He is the comforter that heals the broken heart. He is the friend to the lonely, the mother to the motherless, the hope to the hopeless. Jesus is love.
Often times our relationships with our earthly parents give us misconceived ideas about who God really is. If the adults in our life were judgmental and harsh, we assume that God is judgmental and harsh. If our parents sometimes did not seem to care, then we assume God does not care either. If we see no love in those who claim to be Christians then we figure, what’s the point?
Jesus came to mend the broken places. He reached out to those in need. He stood up for the broken. He was not a finger pointer. He simply spoke truth in love. (John 4: 1-26, John 8:1-11, Luke 19:1-10) The Jews were expecting a magestic Messiah but Jesus came as a humble servant. And, although He could have called legions of angels to rescue Him from the cross, He chose not to.(Matthew 26:53) He humbled Himself to an agonizing death because that is what the Father required of Him. Although He was completely without sin, He took our punishment upon Himself for our sin. Wow, that is amazing to me. Selah.
Yes Jesus knew that the broken places would be there and He loves me in the broken places. And, He loves you in the broken places. But I am so thankful that ,because He rose again and is seated at the right hand of the Father making intercession for me, I no longer have to live in a state of brokenness. You don’t have to live there either. Remember Jesus is not a finger pointer, He is friend to those who call upon His name. If everything else has left you broken, turn it all over to The One who can fix it. It may take a while, but , just like a puzzle comes together in the end, Jesus is fixing my broken places. He will fix your’s too.

Thank you Jesus!

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