And The Wheel Keeps A-Turning…

“There are many situations that you intended to turn out one way and it didn’t work out. Forgive yourself. Learn from the experience. Know that I am with you. I did not turn My back on you simply because you made a wrong decision. The refuse and debris of your life is going to be cleared up and you will move on. I will show you the path of progress. I will give you an exit out of the rough place. I am a God of reclamation and restoration and that is what I am doing in your life right now. Make it your determination to cooperate with what My Spirit is bringing about even in this very day. Work with Me. Give Me some cooperation and I will give you some change. Commit to My anointed process and you will see explosive breakthrough. The things you thought would take months or even years will be brought about as in a day as you humble yourself to My purposes and adhere to My word and trust in My provisions and just rest knowing that I have all things in hand and your deliverance is imminent.” – Father’s Heart Ministry
That is word in due season for me, if no one else.
I tend to beat myself up pretty bad when I know I have fallen on my face. Again. For the umpteenth time. If all my folly was held against me I’d have no hope. That is the hard & cold downright truth.
I am so thankful we serve a God that gives 2nd, 3rd, & eon-th chances. He forgives us as many times as we ought to forgive.
Our Great example.
I told a friend yesterday over lunch that I feel like I am suspended in some weird limbo-land between where I once was & where I am headed. But there is still some momentum – I perceive it but I can’t necessarily “feel” it – does that make sense to anyone but me? It’s a squirmy & uncomfortable place, I must admit.
I know it is just a season but I am so ready for the next chapter to turn. How about y’all??
I am grateful HE is the potter and WE are the clay – and not the other way around. Because boy, what a mess that would be.
Much love & restoration y’all ~ I’ll take as much as God will give me,
Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot; therefore in their land they shall possess a double portion; they shall have everlasting joy. ~ Isaiah 61:7
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