Snakes & Stones & Our Savior

Happy Good Friday y’all! I’m literally laying here with one eye open tapping this out. 

I just read something that really struck me. A devotional talking about that fateful night everyone turned their back on Jesus. 


…”What was your motive, Judas? Why did you do it? Were you trying to call His hand? Did you want the money? Were you seeking some attention?
And why, dear Judas, why did it have to be a kiss? You could have pointed. You could have just called His name. But you put your lips to His cheek and kissed. A snake kills with his mouth.”


A snake kills with his mouth… 

I thought immediately of the “relationship” I had not long ago that went down in flames so quickly. That was the biggest thing for me- the lies & the betrayal. All while wooing me & convincing me we were meant to be. That God Himself must have put us together. And yes, all sealed with a kiss. Or many.

I have to be careful when I choose my words when speaking about it- he was not evil per se – but a tool in the hands of evil? Absolutely. 

Sent to me to me as a very personal destruction – all wrapped up in a package of light. 
I’ve had other things happen to me too with people I care about. Saying they love me or this or that then burying sharp objects in my back when given the chance. 

I just don’t want to ever be an instrument of betrayal to someone. I despise it & I won’t settle for it just to not be lonely. Just to not be single. 

It is the worst feeling to really open up to someone and have them rip it all away. Deception that, in truth, started with them giving place to it long ago & now they just go around spreading it like a disease. Paying it forward in the worst kind of way. Any one of us can be an instrument. 
God help us. 

But I do know One who never changes, never betrays, always Loves & never leaves. 

Eternally Jesus, You are with us. You are for us & never will you be against us. We celebrate You as our Risen Savior, each & every day. 
Thank You for protecting us & opening our eyes & hearts, even when we have them gripped greedily & afraid, in our own hands. 

And thank You for rolling away the stones in our lives. We couldn’t ever do it without You. 

You are worthy of all praise & honor & glory Lord. 

In Jesus’ name we humbly pray,


Happy Easter weekend y’all ~
Much Love & honesty – with ourselves & with one another, 



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