Our Call To Come Home

“There’s a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is destruction.” ~ Proverbs 16:25

My, oh my. How many times have I leaned to my own understanding – playing around with something dead – pretending that it is life to me. Doing things God had already told me, usually more than once, would be the best if left far behind.

When something feels good, exciting, pacifying – even though it may be bad for us – we tend to excuse it away. We pretend that God is ok with it –you know, because of grace. And the truth is – grace is where we find our freedom. But we have to understand certain things, though permissible, are not healthy for us. He loves us so much that He allows that freedom – to take our inheritance and run like hell. For a time.

And because we have such a Good, Good Father, He doesn’t want us to stay there, wallowing in our pigsties. And He waits – ever so patiently for us to come back home. Again.
And always, He is there waiting with open arms.
I don’t see how I could ever turn my back permanently on such a Love as this.

Thank you Lord, for the tugging on our souls to turn back.
Thank you for bringing us to our knees in surrender but never in condemnation.
Thank you for Your Great Love for them- for me, for all of us.
You are amazing.
You know best. Every minute of every day, You do.
The most trustworthy ~ You are eternally so, so good to us.
In spite of us.
And we praise You for it all.


In Jesus’ Mighty & All-powerful name we prodigals pray,


(image courtesy of the guardian.com)


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