The Gift You Are

The picture below is from a calendar I keep in my bathroom so that every morning I have a positive reminder to start my day. This one especially moved my heart today. And immediately I felt to ask if any of you struggle to feel this way about yourself?
I will be the first to raise my hand. High.
I’ve written about it many times but for most of my life I didn’t see myself as much of anything special at all. I certainly didn’t love me. And my view of what love was supposed to be was totally skewed. I thought that the more I gave of myself physically the more value I would have. Like somehow my value was ever even tied to that to begin with. One of the biggest lies I ever bought.
It never paid me anything good in return – even though I prayed & begged & pleaded it would somehow match the parts of me I kept giving away. That I didn’t realize really was so very precious.
Not at least until I truly met Jesus on my long dark Damascus road.
I am not talking about the Jesus I had been taught about in church. Not the judgmental condemning Big-Man-In-The-Sky who was just waiting to whack me on the head for every bad thing I did or was done to me.
I am talking about the Jesus that knew my name.
That handled me as a true Father, friend & confidante. Who never once, not ever, spoke down to me or tried to harm me in any way.
That I could fully trust with all of me – the broken-down, bedraggled mess that I was.
Who lovingly bound up my wounds one by one – with a touch I did not know existed.
One that had no ulterior motive except to show me what I was really made of.
To show me how precious I really was.
To show me Who & What Love really is.
It’s much more difficult to give ourselves away so easily when we know our worth.
When we understand that we are a gift.
That what we possess is a gift.
To treat it as anything less flings open doors that allow the enemy to come in and sift us like wheat.
Tearing & ripping away at our souls ~ as we cry out for love – for connection – for anything to help us feel accepted. And wanted.
Beware the enticing devices of our greatest foe.
Beware his lies.
Because the truth is we already ARE Loved –
We ARE Connected –
We ARE Wanted.
The more we believe that, the more peace we will have.
The more we will shine His light.
The more we will see God’s plan unfold before us.
Let us not delay His hand by buying the lies another moment.
Join me y’all ~
With much Love From God & for ourselves,

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