A Promise Is A Promise, When It’s From Him

Do you have what you believe is a a promise from God that you are starting to doubt you really heard Him on?
I can hear some of you laughing.
I get it. Oh boy do I…

Last night I was lamenting to Him about that very thing. I said out loud –
“Lord did I really hear You, or has it just been me this whole time?” ~ regarding a promise I had felt was so direct & what I thought had been confirmed specifically to me over & over.
But I have been getting weary in the waiting. Like seriously. Because sometimes it seems things in general are pointing clearly in another direction. I realize that is not walking in faith. I know, I know. And my struggle continues anyway.

So I get up this morning and grab my phone like I do every morning, & bleary-eyed I check my email for the devotions I receive every day. So many times they speak dead-on where I am. Well today is surely no exception.

Check this out – those of you who are struggling to believe in your own promise from God ~ this might just encourage you right out of your socks. I can’t make this stuff up…
“You are hearing Me. You don’t think you are hearing Me but you have been hearing, you have had communication with Me all along. Although, things have seemed unclear, and you haven’t always understood what I was getting through to you. You’ve asked what the problem is as though somehow your spiritual acuity is impaired, but I say to you that you are hearing Me, you just need your confidence boosted. My sheep know My voice and another voice they will not follow. Learn to trust the first witness I give you. When you ask Me questions, I will always give you prompt answers. I will to speak to you so clear that you will experience what it is when I make your human spirit My information highway.

I break off the lies and the deceptions, those mind-binding spirits that have tried to discourage you from knowing that you know that you know that you have heard from heaven. I break every illegitimate authority over your life and this day I pull the stoppers of doubt out of your ears, the blinders off your eyes because you do have ears to hear, you do have eyes to see. You are one I have proven a trust with. I can trust you. I’m going to show that – you have been faithful in little, I’m about to make you ruler over much. There is a big plan for you, so just be confident and know that I going to do the work that you were prepared to do from before the foundation of the world. I called you from your mother’s womb. I prepared you for this day, this hour and this day. So just open all the things I am unpacking in your life. Delight yourself in your relationship with Me and I will give you the desires of your heart.” ~ Father’s Heart Ministry


We receive it Lord. That promise You have spoken.
We believe. Help us in our unbelief…

In Jesus’ Precious & Promising name,.


(image courtesy of credomag.com)


One thought on “A Promise Is A Promise, When It’s From Him

  1. Most of the promises God has given me were tied to an event to happen first. The next thing that I have learned is the delay in those promises have been in getting the timing and situations correct. Did someone have to move so I could enter? Did the lives of those I ministered to have to be prepared? Did something else have to happen first. God had to make the timing right for his promises to be accomplished.


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