Yes, You.

“You. Have. Value.

You are not forgotten by God. He sees everything about you—even your screw-ups and failings and fears and doubts—and He finds value. I don’t love my children any more or less because of the way they dress or because of how well they can sing, throw a football, play chess, or pray publicly. God doesn’t love you and me any more or less because of what we can or cannot do, or because of how good or bad we are either. He loves us because we are His. Made in His image. Fashioned by His heart. Believe it. Even if your life wasn’t planned in the heart of your parents, it was planned in the heart of God.
You are His, and He remembers you. By name.

God cares for and knows all about you. He knows how you like your coffee or tea. He knows your weaknesses and insecurities. He knows all of the things that make you unique, even if you’re an identical twin! He knows the things that make you tick, the quirky things, the things that cause you to beat yourself up, and the things that put a fire in your belly. And He knows how many hairs are on your head. Incredible!
And Jesus didn’t stop there. He looked those people eyeball to eyeball and told them, You … and you … and you … and you … and you … and you … are worth more than a whole mess of sparrows! God really is that into you.” ~ Excerpt From Girlfriends In God .

Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. ~ Luke 12:7
As I face this day, drinking down some good, strong coffee, I am trusting in His strength.
I declare that I have value. I can do this.

Same goes for all of you.
Yes, that means you too, shrinking back in defeat. I feel you.
He has already overcome on your behalf. Believe it.

Be encouraged y’all,

Much love ~


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2 thoughts on “Yes, You.

  1. Nancy M

    Hi Chickie, I really needed this today. Please keep Brian and me in prayer. I sent him an email clearly and calmly explaining how I feel and the things that he has said that hurt me. Thus far, no acknowledgement that he even got it which is not surprising. Love you. Nancy



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