Humanity & Struggle, Truth & Freedom

Many times us humans (Christians especially) tend to pretend.
Playing as though all is well ~ perfect & hunky-dory in our little religious worlds. And most of the time it’s a falsity.
Because life can be hard. And incredibly happy. And maddening. And downright terrible sometimes. And sometimes it’s so wonderful that we almost can’t stand it. Times when our cups are flat-out overflowing. Those are my favorite.
It is OK to say when we are not OK.
It’s OK to admit weakness.
To say we need help when we really do.
To say we are in a dark place & losing hope, even though we’re clawing away at trying so hard not to.
No-one is an island unless they choose to be.
No-one is immune to hurt & pain & defeat.
We all want hope & human touch & compassion & love.
When we hide behind facade & pageantry long enough, most times it will lead to drowning & over-medicating ourselves to keep up the charade. And we slowly lose sight of the shore.
Drifting off to only-God-knows-where.
And fading into anonymity.
Losing who we were eternally really meant to be.
And all for what, exactly?
We get one shot at this, so let’s be real.
Let’s be authentic.
Tell the truth. Be brave.
Stop the cowardice.
There is nothing to fear that God can’t overcome, restore & heal.
The truth always, always, always leads to setting us free.
Much love & more truth y’all,

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