The Reward Of Gratitude & Getting Up Anyway

Through all of the joys & triumphs, pain & defeat ~ I am thankful.
I truly am. I would not be who I am, nor be where I am without it all. I do not regret my decisions, though some of them have led me down the darkest roads. Roads I thought I might not make it back from. I have learned & grown & become wiser still. And I am still getting up & moving forward by God’s Grace every day. 
I believe when we practice gratitude from our soul’s bottom for the whole of it ~ & not just the good parts, we increase in faith.
We increase in peace. And joy. God says, after all, that He will work all of these things for our good.
So no matter where you find yourself today – whether on the mountaintop or down deep in the lowest valley, God is with you. And this too shall pass. We can trust Him with every facet, every high, every low, every fumble & every folly.
He makes all things new, all things right, all things whole ~ when we allow Him to.
Lord, thank you for always being there. For forgiving, for Your mercy, Your Grace & Your Love that binds us together. You are worthy of all of our gratitude & praise. Every minute of every day.
In Jesus’ Priceless Wonderful Mighty name we pray,
Much love y’all & much more gratitude,
(image courtesy of Mandy Hale, The Single Woman on Instagram)

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