Distance & Cutting The Ties That Bind

“Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you have to be involved with them. Love is not a bandage to cover wounds.” ~ Hugh Elliott

This is so true. I was just having a conversation with a friend that was grappling with what to do about some people they’re involved with & feeling a tug to create some distance.
Sometimes for our own personal health, we have to step back & away from certain people & situations. And love from afar.
And sometimes we have to walk away permanently. It just depends on the real low-down of it all.
We stay so locked into someone that they start pulling us under with them in whatever their quandary is. We have to be careful. And don’t be afraid of sound counsel. It can really, really help when trying to navigate the troubled waters of a relationship.
Sometimes it’s a co-dependent cycle born out of years of guilt & manipulation. Blurring the lines between what’s true & what isn’t. This kind can be very tough to break, but breakable none-the-less.
I’ve had to create distance in the past with someone I love more than anyone & the road into & out of that hell was incredibly hard. But it wound up helping us both. And today you wouldn’t know it happened to see us together. God is so good.
And with others I’ve had to walk away for good. Heartbreaking but the best decision ~ for me. I have blossomed in my humanity each time I’ve made the choice. Hindsight is crystal-clear. And now I can look back with gratitude for the good & the lessons & the love I felt. That’s a God-thing if ever there was one.
**Disclaimer: I realize everyone’s situation is different. I encourage you to always try to make the healthiest choice for you & prayerfully trust God with the rest.**
Much love & wisdom y’all for distance & separation when it’s best,
(image courtesy of jasonis.wordpress.com)

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