Your Crown

A Thursday pondering…

When you think of yourself, truthfully – what kind of crown do you envision atop your beautiful head? (Yes, I said beautiful.)
There is no shame in your answer. Though there may be shame in the crown you think that you see. Or that you can’t see at all. But you do have one. Yes, you do.

Are you able to hold your head up when you walk down the street or do you shift to keep your eyes from meeting the souls passing you by? Do you believe somehow that others will see what you have done or maybe what has been done to you? Branded with a scarlet letter emblazoned across your heart so big that the real you doesn’t even exist anymore. And how could you after all? For some, that is your truth. But it is a lie. And I was once there.

Most of my young-adult to adult-hood I wouldn’t hold my own up when I was out in public. Living through darkness will do that to a person. Only in my acceptance of the Love Of Jesus & His Grace towards me was I able to overcome the awful shame & self-loathing that I carried.

Anyway, how can we wear a crown when we can’t even hold our head up? As God patiently places it there over & over. And then there it goes, slipping off again & again as we dance the awful dance of not believing we are His. We are Whole.
We are Worthy. Not because of us, but because of Him.
All because of Him. Sweet. Jesus.

Help us Lord. Please lift our heads this morning. Because some of us couldn’t right now if we summoned every ounce of strength we had left. You know Lord. You know exactly where we are. And yet there You stand. Waiting. Help us as we get up, as we step out in faith. Help us to keep our faces forward & our eyes open wide with the wonderment of Your goodness. And may we wear the crown You purchased for us with gratitude from our depth. Nothing we did or will ever do can ever earn it.
Help us to receive this Truth. Right now.

In Jesus’ Precious & Amazing name,


(image courtesy of Pinterest)


3 thoughts on “Your Crown

  1. susy kelley

    I needed this today, Bonnie! More than you know. I ‘d never put shame in the context you shared. It made me think, and I was even able to envision my crown. Similar to the characters in the first Narnia movie. Aslan called her something I think I am, deep down;”Queen Susan, the gentle” Thank you for opening your heart so very wide,and including us in your heart, dear sister. As always, you are much beloved, Susy

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