Gratitude, Light, Love & Trying A Different Way

I am embarking on a journey of a lot more gratitude & a whole lot less negativity or complaining. And though I despise gossip & try not to ever engage in it – I’d like to steer clear of it all-together. Not an easy feat, I realize. I’m just trying to surround myself with more positive-ity – period.

Because let’s face it, the world is getting darker — so we must shine brighter. The world needs hope, a better way to go about things, a different way to tackle life. They need to see all is not lost & Love still exists. That not everyone is a back-stabber or a manipulator – and though we are all flawed & imperfect – not all of us get off on hurting people. It’s hard to trust when people we love are nice to our face & rip us to shreds when we aren’t around. Because let’s face it, if we see them doing it to others, it leaves us wondering if they do it to us when we aren’t within earshot. No matter what – stay true blue. Stay kind, show love, forgive ~ & when distance or separation is the healthiest choice, so be it. Sometimes it’s necessary. But don’t take part in the chaos. Life is hard enough.

Let’s all join together today and be grateful for what we do have.
Let’s all try not to say anything bad about anyone – or anything. Just for today.
And then maybe add a day.
And another.

And if we fail ~ it’s ok. Get up & try, try again.

Spread that big, beautiful Love around y’all.
Shine the light that is uniquely yours.
Be more like Jesus.


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