Square Pegs, Round Holes & Me

I wanted to share something I wrote a couple of years ago. It is still true. I am sure some of you can relate..
I’ve spent most of my almost 44 years with Square Peg/Round Hole Syndrome. Never feeling like I fit in. From childhood-dom till present day. I’ve just been through another really rough patch but something broke and I’m feeling much lighter. (Shout out to God & friends & family who prayed for & encouraged me- it’s working..)

Through this patch I’ve learned more about myself, which is a large part of the point of it, me thinks. Just this morning I’m feeling more amorous towards the little Bonnie of yesteryear & the Ms. Bonnie of today. I am neither a square peg nor a round one. I was never meant to be either. I am a uniquely shaped & crafted imperfect mess, that is evolving as oft as I will allow God to take the potter’s wheel. I do not “fit” anywhere perfectly, except within myself and my Creator. I’m meant to compliment, encourage & lift. I’m meant to love God, myself & others. That’s it. That’s all.

Expectations & disappointments take me off the wheel every time. I am guilty of turning them inward, believing the lie that there’s something inherently broken in me & this is just my sad lot in life. But it’s not. Perspective really is everything. Everything.

So here’s to all you beautiful shapes out there- stop trying to have the perfect or smooth lines of squares & circles. Just slip into that wildflower garden that you are and sit a spell. You’ll come out glowing, I promise.

Peace y’all. ~
Much love & much more being comfortable in our own skin,



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