Our Protector

I woke at 4am having a horrible dream about my son, who has been through so much. I laid there & prayed & prayed till the feeling had passed. You know that feeling that lingers after such things. I hate our enemy. Always spewing lies & fear. Always..

Then I received this from Father’s Heart Ministry this morning and some of it is verbatim what I prayed over him – thank you Lord for confirmation that You are always there.

I have also seen this protection in my own life recently.  God IS greater. Receive it for yourself or someone you love this morning ~

“I am your fierce protector says the Lord. I will form a hedge of protection around you. I will make the crooked places straight. Come unto Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Put away your childish ways for they no longer benefit you. I am always out there, putting Myself out on a limb for you. I will make smooth your pathways. Rivers in the desert will you see. Heaven and earth will fade, but My word will still remain and I will do something New today. Rejoice saints for I have the perfect plan crafted out for your life. Rejoice in Me for it is I who will give you the victory.”


Much love y’all & even more faith that God really is Who He says He is,


(image courtesy of tpatrick.deviantart.com)


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