A powerful word from father’s heart Ministry this morning, Be encouraged!!!
“Who told you that you were naked? The lie of the enemy is to strip you of your confidence and cause you to see yourself in his eyes. I say to you that death, hell and the grave have no hold on you. I say to you that you were fearfully and wonderfully made. Before you were in your mother’s womb I knew you. Before your unformed substance was conceived in your mother’s belly I chose you and ordained you that you would be holy and without blame before Me in love. This is who you are. This is the benchmark the angels are working from in your behalf. You are not disposable. You are not rejected. You are accepted in the beloved. You have placement and position in My kingdom.

So come up out of terror and fear. Know that I am working with you both to will and to do My good pleasure. There is no weapon formed against you that will prosper. Are you concerned about sin and failure? Know that I have dealt with every aspect of your life, your past and your character in the shed blood of Calvary. In the blood that was shed upon the tree you will find the favor that I have laid up in store for your life. Come willingly. Come in yieldedness. Release yourself to My sovereignty and know it as the one safe place where fear is going and strength is coming and your confidence is not in vain.”
I know that I could easily have fallen into condemnation & stayed there from decisions I made in the not so distant past. Compromise I made all in the name of what I thought was “love”. I was tricked & fooled in the worst kind of way. This person pretended that I was the one that they had prayed for. They purposely misled me to use me. I did not deserve to be treated that way. I wasn’t anything but genuine and truly opened myself up even though I was terrified. Because I really thought it was what I had been believing for. In reality, it was only smoke & mirrors.

But. God.
He stepped on the scene and said “No more”
Revealing the deceptions that were masquerading as the truth.
Freeing me from the snare that I had stumbled into.

God You get all the glory. Thank you Lord, that in Your eyes, I am blameless & spotless before You. I am forgiven & on a path back to Your best for me. And I know it is out there. I will see it.
You are so good to me, in spite of me.

In Jesus’ name,


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