My Answer

The pattern of the falls I take & where I wind up.
Every time.
Because of Jesus.
The sadness in my heart, the beauty & hope that rises from the ashes & the strength I feel growing inside as I sit in the silence. Waiting for answers. Waiting for the pain to subside.
And it always does. Eventually.
My holy coping-mechanism.
Better than any substance or human touch.
The only thing that truly heals & makes me whole.
The wheel within the wheel of my frayed soul.
The truth that dispels the lies.
The light in the darkest dark.
The Cinderella-slipper that perfectly fits the filling of the void.
That void we all have that only God can fill.
Thank You for not handing me stones when I ask for bread.
Thank You for opening my eyes to the difference between them.
Thank You for Your Mighty protection.
Your wisdom.
Your counsel.
You complete me Lord.
You had me at hello.
You & only You, when it all boils down.
You, my King, are my love story.
Everything else You bring is just bonus.
Because You Love me.
That. Much.
You. Are. Enough.
Much love y’all & turning to God in all things.

4 thoughts on “My Answer

  1. Sharleen Thornberry

    Bonnie, all of your blogs are good and this one is REALLY good…..I am going to read it to the girls at our college this morning during our devotional time. Thanks so much for your transparency.

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  2. I was JUST telling Amber at the dinner table last night about how I love watching your walk with your Savior–how REAL He is to you–how you always reach out to His lifeline of amazing grace and love–and hope. Good, beautiful, rock-solid WORD! Thank you for sharing your life so others can believe ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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