The Freedom Of Perspective

I am starting to believe more & more that perspective can be everything. It can set us free when we get it right. The truth always, always does.
Like with falling in love. And that someone winds up being someone completely different. The perspective shift is that I truly believed I was head over heels, But then found out the person they presented themselves to be wasn’t real. Hence, I was in love with an imaginary Prince. I was enamored with an idea, a hope for a future that would never happen. Not with them. I prayed & begged & snotted & ugly-cried to God ~ “But God, I thought I saw signs & got confirmation after confirmation – how could this be??”
All that glitters ain’t gold.
When I finally stopped kicking & screaming & started getting still – mostly because I was done, so exhausted, so spent – miraculously, a light was turned on. And suddenly I saw it. What had me so sick & absolutely down for the count was gone. Poof. Because what had me so hemmed up WASN’T REAL. All because my perspective changed. And head over heels I flipped right side upward again. The veil was lifted. I get it now Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Sometimes what we think we see, what we are convinced is truth, isn’t at all. If you find yourself in a similar place today, pray. Ask God for wisdom, for discernment. And let me tell you honey, He will give it to you. And when He does, you might not like it at first. You might deny it because you’d rather cling to that dead thing you thought was bringing you so much life. But it wasn’t. The devil is in the details. And God is greater.
Except from Girlfriends In God this morning, goes perfectly ~
“God is not committed to my comfort, but He is lovingly committed to my character.
I need to let God be God in my life and choose to trust Him – no matter what.
I need to put my feelings in their place and choose to believe God’s Word instead.
Even when I can’t see the end of the journey, I need to be willing to take the first step in faith.
I may not always understand or even like God’s plan, but I can trust His heart and know it is for my good.
So the next time you have more questions than answers, more fears than faith, or more darkness than light, remember the truth that God really is in control.
No matter what you are facing, God’s got it!”
He really does y’all, if we will trust Him with it. Whatever your “it” may be today.
He’s. Got. It.
Much love & more of His perspective y’all ~ let’s get free!

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