Ramblings On Floundering, What’s Real, What’s Not & The Truth That Saves Us

It is possible to have a relationship with God, to love Him, to see His hand working powerfully in your life. And still get discouraged. Still get down. Still have moments or periods of doubt if His promises will come true for you. Or is it really just for other people. Because things seem to keep happening that hurt us & knock us down. We are all human. Flawed, weak & floundering from time to time. No-one is immune.

Some go around preaching to everyone else – not giving grace & holding us to standards they aren’t even holding themselves to. Masquerading as though they are living on some ethereal cloud 24/7. I can’t identify with that. Mostly because I have been there and I know what a joke it is, to “fake it till we make it.” I’m pretty sure I won’t “make it” till I get to heaven. And I think even then, the learning continues. Just my 2 cents.

Authentic people are so hard to come by anymore. That’s why I love being with people who are real – they are who they say they are. When I meet someone like that I just want to hang around a little longer. Drink it in, because it is truly so rare. At least in my little world anyway.

So many people are out for themselves – users, manipulators, predators – narcissists of the worst kind. When they are done with you, they drop you like a banana peel and move on to the next victim. I have seen & experienced it in relationships with the opposite sex & even with friends. What appears real isn’t at all. It’s just a sick game. Loving our neighbor sometimes feels like a lost art. Thank God not everyone is like that but it is certainly growing in number.

Regardless, God is greater. In my life. He. Is.

I am determined to stay true to who I am. To be as authentic as I know how to be. The be honest with my feelings & following my gut/my spirit when it tells me something is wrong. It’s pretty dang accurate & with such a good track record I have learned to trust it. To trust God & His direction, even when I wanted something really bad. I might get a little confused, cloudy & misguided-  but thank you Jesus, I eventually come back to the truth He is patiently handing me. Because He loves me that much. Because He loves you. That. Much.

Is there anyone among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? – Matthew 7:9

How much more will God see to it that He gives us His best?

The Lord knows the desires in our heart. He knows what is best. When He takes something from us, we can rest in knowing that something much, much better is on its way. At the right time.

That’s my story anyway – & I am sticking to it.

Much love y’all, the real kind ~ & much authenticity – may we surround ourselves with both,


(image courtesy of boredpanda.com)


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