Enough- A Re-blog For Us Singles

This is from one of my absolute favorite blogger/writers, Mandy Hale. http://www.thesinglewoman.net (please check her out!) 

Be encouraged! 


“Why wasn’t I enough for him?”

I can’t tell you how many times that was the cry of my heart…all within the bounds of one relationship…because I chose for years to stand there waiting for someone to look at me and actually SEE me. To love me. To treat me like I was ENOUGH. 

When really, he was the one who was lacking. Lacking in depth. Lacking in character. Lacking in honesty. Lacking in integrity. I thought I wasn’t enough for him when the truth was…he wasn’t enough for me.
He never was.

Some guys prefer to take the easy route with girls who become what they think a man wants them to be rather than celebrate their own unique spirit. Girls who never challenge or push them or inspire them to be more. Girls they can wade into the shallow end of love with rather than plunge into the wild, untamed depths of ferocious, fierce, fearless passion.

These men will never understand women like us. Women who love with all our heart, mind, body, and soul. Women who refuse to settle for mediocre but hold out for magical. Women who believe that love should never be average or lukewarm or just “okay” but life-changing and earth-shaking and boundary-breaking.

Women like us may stay single for awhile longer, as it takes a special man to handle everything that we are. Because to make ourselves less in order to be pleasing to a man is simply not something we are willing to do.


Much love y’all & holding out for the right one- you are enough. 


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