My Christmas Wish For You

I woke up in the wee hours 2 years ago with this running through my head & typed it out. It still speaks today & is my Christmas wish for all of you. ~ ❤ 
May your head be crowned in glory 

May your eyes see beauty in all 

May your tongue find no slander 

May your lips kiss life deeply 

May your chin be lifted 

May your heart be mended 

May your soul let go 

May your spirit soar as an eagle 

May your wonder be as a child

May you forgive & be forgiven 

May you trust & be trusted 

May you have hope in spades 

May your hands be the warmest 

May your arms embrace the longest 

May your back be strong 

May your legs stand you tall 

May your feet tread the roads less traveled 

May your body be whole 

May your weary find rest 

May your rest be in Peace 

May you know tears of purest Joy 

May you walk in fields of Grace 

May you swim in Mercy’s ocean 

May you know Love 

May you have Love 

May you be Love to others 
May your cup overflow 

And may it always be full…. 
Merry Christmas y’all ~ ❤️


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