Remind Me..

“Best of all, Christmas means a spirit of love. – A time when the love of God and the love of our fellow men should prevail over all hatred and bitterness; a time when our thoughts and deeds, and the spirit of our lives manifest the presence of God.” – George F. McDougall
I needed the reminder this morning.
I don’t know about you, but I’m just not in the Christmas spirit. I realize that I should be. I have faced highs & lows on a grand-er scale than I would have liked. I can no more control that than the weather. It is what it is.

I can honestly say though that I am continually thankful. Strangely so, lately I have spilled my gratitude on God more through tears than through joy. That is something that only those of us who have been there understand. And it can only come, I believe, when we have a deeply-embedded sense of who God is to us personally & who He is in our day-to-day life as we walk with Him. A keen awareness that no matter what we are facing, He is there. Right there. Never leaving nor forsaking us.


Lord Jesus,
Please forgive me for being sour. For not spreading as much joy as I ought. I admit I am looking forward to a new year. A fresh start. To the things You have waiting for me there. I believe they are good. For my best. I am so thankful God sent You to us all, as the Greatest Gift. Ever.
We love & praise You above all else today, and every day,


Much love y’all ~
Please join me in trying to make this a merry Christmas – if by no more means than recognition of what it is really all about – & that ain’t us…


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DF-09134 Nativity , May 18, 2006 Photo by Jaimie Trueblood/ To license this image (9139053), contact NewLine: U.S. +1-212-686-8900 / U.K. +44-207 659 2815 / Australia +61-2-8262-9222 / Japan: +81-3-5464-7020 +1 212-686-8901 (fax) (e-mail) (web site)

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