Come Out..

“Come out of hiding you’re safe here with Me, there’s no need to cover what I already see…”

“Oh as you run, what hindered love will only become part of the story..”
As I lean all the more close into my Daddy, the more & more & more safe that I feel.

As much as I desire to be in relationship with another again, (speaking from my humanity) where I feel that safety & where I feel loved & cherished & partnered – the fact remains I am not right now. I thought that I was & it slipped through my hopeful grasp like running water.

It’s hard to admit when we are wrong. Wronged. Especially if we have been through a lot & we are more solid & grounded at this point in our life. I have had to shake off shame almost daily through this. Mixed crazily with the gratitude, still, that it happened. Because it showed me that there is hope for what I desire in my heart. That I can love again & be vulnerable & open.
Among other things.

The enemy roams around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He also masquerades as an angel of light. He uses us against each other. I want no part of it. God help me.

Heavenly Father,
My prayer is that we all stay grounded in & keenly aware of Your love. That it will be the loudest Voice, the heaviest Anchor, our most powerful Protector & our greatest Reality,

In Jesus’ name,


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