Questions & The Answer

At what point do we stop running from ourselves

When does love become worth fighting for more than the need to feel justified

Why do we absolutely refuse to bend while at the same time expecting someone else to bend for us

Why are we willing to work so hard on the outside while leaving the inside to wither – our spirit, our soul – the part that matters more than anything

When will we stop dying on the hills that were placed there to lead us home

We can all ask these questions of ourselves

Evil laughs at our unwillingness to face pain in order to be free

It fails to tell us feelings buried alive don’t die

It fails to tell us a million lies to ourselves will never equal truth

It fails to tell us what we are most afraid of exposing is where our shackles are

The lies are that we are worthless, we are broken beyond repair, we are not enough, we are not lovable, we are not special, we are a mistake

The truth is what sets us free – that we are loved, we are precious, we are unique, we are created with purpose ~ and we are forgiven & cleansed the moment we confess our darkness & ask for redemption

That’s when real healing begins, where new life is born.

Grace. Mercy. Love. Forgiveness.

Jesus paid the highest price.

It was enough to right all of the wrongs done to us & all of the things we’ve done wrong.

God help us to believe it. To walk in it & to extend it to others.

Your Love is the answer.


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