The Foxes

Catch for us the foxes,
the little foxes
that ruin the vineyards,
our vineyards that are in bloom. ~ Song of Songs 2:15
We must be wary & vigilant to stay on the lookout for the thieves that salivate at taking our joy. Robbing our peace. Manipulating our blessings. Mirages appear & disappear – bringing confusion & discord. Clouding the truth.

Whether we choose to acknowledge the presence of these things or not, they are still there.

Regardless, we must remember Whose we are & that He is the All-Mighty. He has the final word.

Stand steadfast in what you know deep, deep down & if you are caught off guard, get back up. Keep getting up. Every time. This too shall pass.

Much love & heavenly tenacity y’all,


(image courtesy of Google images)


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