Wednesday Encouragement In The Battle & How We Win

Coincidentally (yeah right) I received this devotion & it SO goes hand in hand with the post yesterday – let it encourage you like it does me! God is speaking!
“I am your constant and abiding peace. Purpose in your heart to be a source of peace in yourself. Choose to be at peace and to exude an atmosphere of peace everywhere you go. Remember that your peace is found in My person and not in the absence of conflict or confusion. There is always clamor, competition and strife to be found in the world. Do not allow it to be found in you. You don’t always have control but you do have authority. Do you understand the difference beloved? Others may prattle and rage and war against your peace from without but you are in charge of what happens on the inside of you. Refuse to allow the intimidation of man to penetrate the peace that I have wrapped you up in this day.

Learn not to answer again. Make a decision not to react. Reach inside your soul and extract those roots of disappointment, fear of man and intimidation. Anchor yourself in who I am in your life. Lose the need to control others. Relinquish the appetite to have your way in every circumstance. You can strive to have your way or you can simply accept that I AM the way. What does that mean? If I am for you, who can be against you. If none can be against you then whom are you striving against? Who are you fighting? The truth is that most of the warfare that marks your life is a battle with your own thoughts and opinions. Bundle all that up and bring it to Me. Set it down at My feet and climb up into My lap and rest. I am your peace this day.”

And again –
“The truth is that most of the warfare that marks your life is a battle with your own thoughts and opinions.”

Can we all say amen in a chorus of our humbled humanity?
My goodness – that has been the single-most stumbled over stumbling block of my life. The battlefield of my mind. Where lies were planted & tended to & where they flourished & became truth to me. The place I lived out of. The place I reacted out of. And sometimes still do.

Life may be a teacher of our habits & twisted thought patterns but God’s word is the final truth. His favor & blessing today isn’t based on our past. It is based on His goodness. On His love. His mercy. And grace. We must believe on those things. And we must stop settling. For. So. Much. Less.

Hallelujah Lord.

Much love & this needed encouragement y’all,



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