Trust, Openness & The Gifts That Follow… <3

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6
Oh how much we need to do more of this!

If I always depended on my own “wisdom” apart from God I would be up the creek with no paddle anywhere in sight- because where do we make so many of our decisions? Straight out of the vault of our life experience – which, for many of us, hasn’t been so easy.

I believe fear drives us more than anything else – it certainly did me for most of my life. Self-protection is at the top of our list of daily goals & why not? I mean doesn’t that make good, sound sense? You would think…

But I am here to tell you today sometimes self-protection robs us of the very things God wants to give us. What we think is a potential threat could just be the biggest blessing. What we think looks just like another disappointment waiting to happen is really something all-together different.

I’m willing to bet many of our perceptions & perspectives need an extreme makeover pretty dang bad. Like really really. We should be cautious certainly in our decisions, but stay open. We need to seek God – ask Him what He wants for our life – & allow Him to soften our hearts where it’s needed. Some of our self-protection has turned us hard & bitter & ugly. And no one likes ugly. Except ugly.

Anyone who carries Jesus inside should reflect His heart – and if we aren’t, no condemnation here – that’s surely our queue to seek Him more – to seek healing more. And more.

So we can be more free, more open, ready for what’s being handed to us from the heavens. That may just be the next best thing ~ ever. Just sayin’.

Much love, more trust, more openness, new blessings & new life y’all ~ that is my gen-u-ine prayer for you today~


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