The Battle For Our Freedom & Faith That Wins The War

Freedom comes at a cost.

I mean this from a human perspective. Certainly, Christ paid the Ultimate price for you & I~ but I am talking here more about what happens when we begin getting free in an area.

It never fails ~ when we start breaking loose from something that has held us, pinned us & choked us down for a very long time ~ the imps show up & start strategically planting land mines. They are designed to throw us way off course, to trip us up – to trick us into believing we aren’t really free. To lay us out flat & bowl us over in defeat.

To hiss & spit that things won’t ever really change – that God doesn’t favor us enough to do something THAT great for us. Because c’mon – look at what we’ve done – look at where we’ve been. The accuser. The father of ALL lies. Who has already been defeated, mind you. Hallelujah.

So when the onslaughts hit, when the bad dreams that seem so real in the night come & you wake with a catch in your chest, when fallacies masquerade as truth – remember this:

You have already been set free & in spite of some popular Christian-ese opinion – it will not always be a cake-walk.
You will have to fight for your faith at times & the One who is above all is in your corner. Your weapons are not flesh ~ but they are mighty for the pulling down of strongholds, for the unearthing & diffusing of land mines, for the slamming-shut of the mouths that spew the lies that try to bind us. Again. & again.

Remember Whose you are.
Remember that It Is Finished.
Remember to cast those burdens – don’t try to carry them alone.
Because you will fail.

But He never has.
And He never will.

Thank you Lord.
You are so good to us, in spite of us.

Much love, more freedom & more faith for the battle ~ it is so, so worth it.



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