Ramblings On Pain & The Best Daddy Ever


Something we are all akin to. In some way, shape or form.

Some ramblings ~

For me most of it has been emotional, starting at a very early age.
I was taught young that people cannot be trusted.
Life schooled me that they lie, cheat, manipulate, use, are selfish & self-seeking in their interactions ~ & on & on. And sadly, that was modeled for me & wrapped all around me like a straight jacket from Father-dom to supposed knights-in-shining-armor. And in the female roles in my life as well – just not to the same degree.

Those that said they loved me, or who were in charge of my care & well-being etc., failed me time & time & time again.
Flawed, imperfect human beings. Just. Like. Me.
Well how about that.

So to see God as a perfect Father, as someone who could be trusted with my every-thing – well…. I wasn’t so sure about all that. I knew I wanted & needed God in my life, I really did. Like deep-deep-down I knew it. But to accept His love for me -without feeling like strings were attached or that I had to perform somehow to earn that love – was far more than foreign. So for years I struggled against it – jumping through this hoop & that hoop & that hoop until I finally collapsed & thought I will just never be good enough. For all this wonderful Love He gives. I can’t possibly ever be accepted. Just as I am. It was futile. Seemed impossible. Implausible.

As time went on and I met Jesus over & over on my Damascus roads hither & yon, He began to peel the layers of lies away. Gingerly, sweetly, patiently He helped me to see the truths I so desperately needed to see should I ever get free. Like really, really free. He has never let up, never given up ~ on me. Not once. He still teaches me. Every single day. Whole-man freedom takes time. You won’t rush it. So stop trying.

God sees in us what we cannot. He sees the greatness & wants to rid us once & for all from the darkness, the voids, the imps & the giants that are hiding inside, trying to devour the unique gift He placed there. That sets us apart from every single other human being. That makes us who we are.

No one on this earth is like you. You can never be replaced. By anyone. Or anything. No matter how much life screams bloody murder that it has already happened.

Lies, all lies. True story.

I don’t even know where all that came from this morning, but take it if it’s for you.

You are precious in our Father’s sight. You are His favorite.
Yes, YOU.

Much love from our Daddy y’all ~ it’s real & it’s good.
Always good.


(image courtesy of bostonglobe.com)


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