Friday Admonitions From Little & Big <3

Happy Friday everyone. This is something profoundly innocent, accurate & heartfelt to start off your weekend. What a precious little girl…

I also received this admonition in my email this morning & knew it would encourage some of you today – it spoke to me for sure.

~”Refuse to be distracted. Though the enemy may come with the seemingly urgent, make it your resolve today to stay focused on the kingdom. The lie of the enemy would bring fear and even panic, but I say unto you that He that sits in the heavens shall laugh. You are seated with Me in heavenly places in Christ and your composure will be undisturbed even when the evil reports come, one right after another. You are not a Job, because Job did not have a daysman or an advocate. I am your advocate! Satan cannot impeach with his accusations the wall of protection I placed around you. The walls of strength guarding you today are comprised of My impenetrable presence. The enemy cannot penetrate My presence therefore he cannot breach the hedge that I have placed around you.

So shore up your testimony and gird up the loins of your mind. Attacks may come and slander may flow like sewer in the streets but I will preserve you and uphold you with My right hand. Set your affections upon Me and put your trust in My right hand oh My beloved. Remember this: you are where your attention takes you – look unto to Me! I will never leave you and I will never forsake you. I will not leave you comfortless nor will I leave you without strength. I will crush the adversary under your feet and you will see the smoke of his burning afar off and know that deliverance has been visited upon you from on high and you will rejoice.” ~ Father’s Heart Ministry


Much love,


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