The Ancient Of Days

Whenever I read the words from the book of Daniel that describe God as The “Ancient of Days” – something goes off in me.
Just think about that.

He is.
He was.
He will always be.
The beginning & the end – in our little finite minds that makes more sense. Maybe.
But in actuality He has always, always, always existed.
Like. Forever.

That blows my mind.

God knew us before we were even formed in our mother’s womb. Our days, our hairs – they are all numbered. Each & every one.

When we are bowed over in pain – of any kind – He is there.
When we cry out to Him, He draws closer.
He is the lifter of our bedraggled heads.
The mender of our bedraggled hearts.
The balancer of our bedraggled minds.

So this crisis you are facing today, this heartbreak or fear that is holding you hostage, this disease that is racking your mind, your body – these things are just temporary. In the grande scheme.

Healing has many faces. It sometimes comes on this side of heaven, some on the other side. It is not for us to decide. Only to have faith. And trust. In His sovereignty.
Even when we can make no sense of it. At all.

The Ancient Of Days.
All-seeing & all-knowing.

He. Is.

Thank you for not leaving us alone Lord.
From the depths of our be-ing, thank you.

Much love & revelation of just how big our God really, really is,


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