“Feelings buried alive don’t die.” ~ Iyanla


What a profound statement. Let those words sink in.

I have long-since learned that holding things in or sweeping them under our proverbial rugs just doesn’t work. Pretending that the ducks quacking all around our feet aren’t ducks is futile.

Facing truths can be very painful & scary. But the word says that the truth shall make us free. I am a work-in-progress living proof example.

God gave us our feelings for a reason. If our heart is already in bad shape those feelings can steer us the way-wrong way for sure. Again & again. Been there. But that’s why walking by the Spirit is so important. So vital to our well-being. Why praying & seeking wisdom & direction from our Daddy is so necessary. To keep it all in balance so we don’t continue to fall down the holes that lead to nowhere good.

We must feel what we need to feel – we need to allow ourselves to do that. Seek counsel if we must but get it OUT. I know when I shove & stuff things down, down, down it makes me sick. Literally. I start feeling bad physically, sleeping too much, not caring about things I ought to care about. Doing things I ought not to. Just to numb the feel-ings. It is so not worth it.

It only delays the inevitable meltdown, the slow-boil that is on it’s way. It is. Bank on it. It will bubble up & over & we won’t be able to stop it – though that’s our goal to begin with. To hide, to deny, to not have to face whatever our “it” is. Thinking if we bury it deep enough it will just disappear.

Lean on God – trust Him.

He is our all-in-all.
Our wheel within the wheel.
Our strong tower.

Mighty God is He.

Much love & being honest with ourselves ~ even if we must do it afraid,


(image courtesy of mindfulexposurebook.com)


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