Connection In The Broken Places

“…It really IS easier to experience spiritual connection when your life is in the process of coming apart.” ~ Anne Lamott
It honestly is in the hollows, the valleys, the corners & closets where I found my redemption. In the ugly cry-s, in the lamenting & screaming & praying till I thought my guts would exit my pores. It’s in the carpet where there are mascara stains, where I fall on my knees & hands that I find peace in the battles life throws at me – blasting the idiotic belief that once we become Christians everything becomes easy. God help us.

Though I am so grateful for the good-times, the grace-times & the sweet-times with my Lord – they are so precious – my growth, my change, my morphing has all happened in the trenches. Call it stubborn, call it rebellion, call it what you will – but those seasons are where I finally start to get it, where I find my freedom. Where I find what grace really is. And just how beautiful & undeserved His mercy & love really are.

Thank you God for being so so good to me, in spite of me.

Much love & more connection y’all,


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