Pain, Running, Trust & Surrender

“Let your hurts draw you closer to God, increase your faith, and make you surrender to Him. The more it hurts, the more you should persevere. The more you persevere, the closer you get to your finish line. So the next time it hurts, let it hurt. You need it to cross-over.”
A friend shared that with me once & it definitely spoke. So many of us run from pain when we feel it coming on. If you are single, it may be when you feel yourself letting go enough to actually get involved with someone, then once you start getting closer – and the potential for pain becomes a reality – you run.
One of my favorite movies is The Runaway bride – with Julia Roberts. In it, her character Maggie explains why she runs –

“When I was walking down the aisle, I was walking toward somebody who didn’t have any idea who I really was. And it was only half the other person’s fault, because I had done everything to convince him that I was exactly what he wanted. So it was good that I didn’t go through with it because it would have been a lie.”

How many of us have done that – pretending to be someone we are not just to try to cram ourselves into the mold we think someone wants us to be? What a bad way to have a relationship of any kind. To lose who we really are & start a masquerade that will take us down roads we would never willingly go – had we known what laid in waiting there.

To be real, to be who we really are – & to be loved just as we are – that is what all of us want deep down.
How awesome is it to know Jesus loves us that way?

The best path to get there for me has been to be naked before Him – exposing all of the darkness & ugly, all of the pain & lay it all at His scarred & beautiful feet.

He’s got you. And me.
He really, really does. .

Much love y’all & trust that God can absolutely be trusted,


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Casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you. – 1 Peter 5:7


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