Surprises, Insomnia & His Gift Of Love

I had something pretty wonderful happen to me this weekend. As a result, I could hardly sleep last night. Laying there in bed with the rat on the wheel in my head running at top speed, I grabbed my phone & pulled up this devotional that had just hit my inbox 5 minutes before – here is an excerpt.
Let it speak & settle down into your soul this morning ~

“Choose to live before Me in transparency. I know what you think and I know the hidden recesses of your heart and what lies there. I know all of this and yet I love you still. I know the darkness and the struggle and I love you still. I know the failure and the shame that you struggle with and yet I love you still and gave you Heaven’s best before you were ever born. If I withheld not the Only Begotten what other benefit or blessing would I deny you now? Come to Me My beloved and accept the gift that is freely given. Look into My face and be changed and transformed into My image for therein is the power and the glory and the transformation that you seek.”

It brought tears to my eyes. I, for one, have certainly done plenty of things wrong. But I’ve also gotten a few things right. And I repeat, any good in me is God ~ the rest is just rubbish & ash.

His love for me is what always brings me home.
What brings me to my knees time & time again.
What has me lifting imperfect hands to Him in the middle of the night for surprises I never saw coming.

I am a puddle this morning.

Lord you are so good to us, in spite of us.

Much love & the belief that we really, really are –
So, so loved.


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