A Single Monday Morning Ramble

Good morning y’all! I hope everyone had a great weekend ~

This is a rambling of a different nature. I hope you don’t mind. I just had to get it out.
It will probably speak to many of you ~ some, maybe not.
It’s about the plight of being single, when your heart’s desire is not to be.

Sometimes when I’m in the middle of the ongoing very-real-reality of my singleness, it’s like my skin peels back and everything about me is exposed. All of it. And I question whether anyone will ever want all this. Even I see some of it is beautiful (God I believe that’s you) but some of it is not.

Confession time:
I’m quirky, strained, & a little twisted.
Conflicted. Questioning. Doubting.
Dark & light.
Prone to running.
I love seriously, faithfully & I am fiercely loyal.
And I expect it in return.

And it’s going to take a special & inner-ly strong man.
Who can take me. Who gets me.
Who will chase me down & stop my running because he sees past the stuff. And loves me anyway.
All of me. With all my imperfections.

And only God can pull that off.
This I know. This I believe.
He’s the Ultimate Matchmaker.
Because I’ve determined I suck at it.

And He’s your matchmaker too.
So pay attention to the flags as they flutter-
Pay attention to your gut – even though sometimes the loneliness whispers louder than the nudging in a different direction.

I believe patience will have her perfect work & bring the right one at the right time, if we can just hold out.

Don’t. Give. Up.

Much love & grace in the waiting,


(image courtesy of adikanda.com)


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