Just Believe

What a great Friday morning good word~

“Stop trying to believe and just believe. Get your eyes off of yourself and others. You aren’t smart enough or strong enough but I am. Those people around you that you have put your trust in will fail you just when you need them most. They are human. They are fallible. Forgive them ahead of time. Go ahead and forgive and change your mind about where you will put pressure when you feel you are falling. I will catch you. I am your hero. I am your deliverer and your strong tower. Though you feel defeated, discredited, wholly deserted just hold fast to your trust in Me for I am bringing you to a whole new geography of provisioning, favor and benefit by My hand.”

Just. Believe.

Not the easiest thing but man, the benefits far outweigh the effort. Anxiety will lessen, joy will spread, peace will settle. It is a natural progression after all. I’d sure rather stay in that place than in angst & turmoil – suffering from anxiety & insomnia just to name two. How about you?

And be warned, on the flips-side you may hear the hissing that you should to be “doing” more – you “need” to worry because if you’re not then you just don’t care. Don’t listen to that. Trust & rest that God has this. Whatever your this is.

Much love & lots more belief y’all,


(image courtesy of esumc.net)


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