A Thursday Mantra & Praise

I am with you.~ Isaiah 41:10



Whisper this to yourself as oft as you need & let it wash over you~

The Great I Am is with me.
When I am overjoyed.
When I am bent over in anguish.
When I am drowning in fear.
When I fall.
When I fail.
When I rise.
He is there.

His love doesn’t change when I do.
He doesn’t shut me out or give me the cold shoulder.
He does not manipulate me with guilt.
He does not abuse me or beat me down.
In any way, shape, or form.

He always provides whatever I need.

When I am back down in that pit that of my own making, that He filled up & I re-dug again – He doesn’t tire of me. Not ever.
To say that He is long-suffering doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

I cannot fathom His love with my human understanding.
I can only express how good He is. How grateful I am. In mere words. In mere action. In mere praise. Mere in comparison to all that He Was, Is, and will ever Be.

He is so good to me, in spite of me.

Hallelujah Lord. You are worthy.


Much love & praise where it belongs y’all,


(image courtesy of vanillaclouds.com)


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