A Sweet Call To My Wayward Heart

I have been feeling a tugging in my soul ~ a call echoing in my heart of late.

I admittedly have not made it a priority to really focus on God early in the morning in a long time. Though I am mindful of Him regularly, carving out a few minutes at the beginning of my day has been more about getting extra sleep than paying attention the whispers in my heart. So I have been making attempts at doing it. Some attempts look more like stabbing at it, others sort of more like actual focus.

I am already noticing a difference, even with the piecemeal of my efforts. God is always so much greater & adds so much more to the little offering we place before Him. He is good like that ~ the God of multiplication.

It’s a small adjustment with great reward. And I know I will get more out of it as I put more into it. As with any relationship, we must nurture & connect, or we will feel distant & dis-connected.

I know deep in my know-er that he is always with me. I don’t feel it’s possible for me to leave Him – these roots run deep. But it is possible for me to allow life to choke out & dumb down something that is precious & vital to my heart & soul.

If you find you are in the same place I have been in for some time & you too are hearing the sweet call of coming back to your first love, please join me.

And if you are already there, thank the Lord.
Please pray for the rest of us wayward reckless ones.
Whose hearts still belong to Jesus.

Much love & coming back to what matters most,

(image courtesy of sodahead)


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