He Really Sees You

How awesome is to know that God truly SEES you?
The deepest parts of you. The darkness. The light.
The places you have tucked away for your own temporary comfort that you think no one knows about. Yeah, those places too. And yet He loves you anyway.

Let’s be honest – sometimes when we see the ugliest parts of someone we draw back. We shrink in our connectivity. We turn from what we don’t want to see. But not our God. Oh no, He never does that. And He never will.

I think He delights in dwelling in our darkest places. In our shame & vulnerability. Because He is Light & the longer He rests in those places the more it drives the darkness out. The pain may feel like hell as it extracts itself from our life but the joy that follows is so worth the process. Freedom follows sacrifice.

Oh, to know & to be known. It is one of the things I love the very most about life. That connection with another human being. I am currently single & I would really like to find someone that desires to know me as much as I do them. To meet in those places we don’t open to just anyone anytime. Sadly, so many won’t go there. I get it. Life makes us tough. Shuts us down & can keep us from that deeper connection. I believe it’s self-protective. I have been there.

But it’s a great comfort to know that although I may not have a mate right now to share that with, I do have the Great-est Connection of all. And He knows every stitch & tear & repair of my being. He has been there for it all. And He will never, ever, ever leave me. Nor will He ever leave you.

He is no respecter of persons. We are all God’s favorite ones.
Only He can pull that off.

Now that’s something worth spreading around.

(& I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book either ~)

Much love y’all & the knowledge that we truly are seen,


“You are the God who sees me,” ~ Genesis 16:13


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