Love, Disappointment, Faith & Pushing Onward

“I love you, because I love you, because I love you. I will never stop loving you. Love is Who I am not just what I do. To stop loving you I would have to stop being Who I am and that isn’t going to happen. So stop waiting for the disappointment and failure and difficulty that isn’t going to come. Will you face challenges? Surely you will. Will there be set backs? None that I will not show up in and show My hand mighty to save and My sinews strong to deliver. Take heart. Be encouraged. Be of good courage for I have already caused you to go in the way that you should go. You haven’t made a mistake – and if you did I would turn it to your favor.” ~ Father’s Heart


How many of you needed to read those words of salve this morning? Are you facing disappointments or assumed disappointments right now? Exhausted from trying things that never seem to go the way you want? Watching hope seem to slip further & further from you?

Just hold on y’all ~ keep the flames of your faith burning. Tend to them more than the negativity in your head. More than the negativity coming at you. Rise above. Slide out from under the weight bearing down & taking your want-to. Your will-to.

We have the very best One we could have on our side. And in-side. Equipping & strengthening us & cheering us on towards the finish line.

If you lay down, don’t stay down. There is much life out there to be lived. It may not look like you’d want right now, but if you are reading this, you are breathing. That’s a start. A mighty fine one.

Hold up that beautiful head & push onward.
Let’s go.

Much love ~ much, much love,



2 thoughts on “Love, Disappointment, Faith & Pushing Onward

  1. Amy

    Beautifully penned and said as always, sweet friend. I thank the Lord for using you as a tool to encourage and uplift the brokenhearted (myself included). Much love to you today in your trials as well. ❤

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