Futile Attempts, Ditches & The Truth That Helps Us Up

“The difference between religion and the true gospel is that religion is man’s attempt to get to God and the gospel is that God came to man to offer reconciliation.” ~ Isaac Deitz
I cannot say enough how grateful I am that God’s love for me is not based on anything I have or haven’t done. I would be forever lost, with all the mistakes, huge & small, that I have made – things I have done to myself & others in ignorance, not realizing their full & far-reaching impact. Things I still do.

When we finally see & understand it, the truth really does set us free. Free to receive God’s forgiveness & Great Love, Grace & Mercy ~ free to forgive ourselves & others & free to see that we are not defined by our past any longer.

I was bought with the highest price so how could I not receive everything He gave me with a glad & joyful heart? Well I must be candid because quite frankly for many years (as a Christian) I didn’t. I still believed part of it all somehow relied on me. How foolish & bound I was.

And truthfully now, I don’t walk in all that is offered to me every single day. I know it’s because I am still shackled by some of my humanity that kicks & screams to remain independent.
I accept & believe that I am reconciled & I am loved. And when I find myself in a ditch (again), He always shows me the way back home.

He is so good to us, in spite of us.

Much love & sweet reconciliation y’all,

(image courtesy of pinterest)


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