You Are Not Alone ~ Your Name Is Known

“… In the very place where they were once named Nobody, they will be named God’s Somebody.” Hosea 1:10 (The Message)

Do you ever feel invisible? Do you ever feel insignificant, unseen by most – lost, unloved? Like no one knows your name nor cares to?

Isn’t it amazing that we can “feel” like that so easily? When in Truth, we are very much seen, we are significant, we’re only lost if we choose to turn away from the light that leads us home, and we are SO loved. So incredibly loved.

Life batters us to the ground sometimes. Chipping away at whatever good we may feel – hissing that it will only get worse from here. Depression runs rampant, keeping us down. Thoughts that are unthinkable race through the floors of our soul like rats scrounging for sustenance.

It is all a ploy to convince us there is no hope. That this life is some cruel joke. That God is not real & we have to hunker down & do our best to survive. Without Him – because He doesn’t exist, right? Some of you reading this think I’m being way too melodramatic – & some of you know exactly what this place is like. And it’s a kind of hell that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Know this – learn it like the back of your hand.
Your name was known before it was ever uttered.
Your life was intricately knitted by Divinity.
You are special.
There is none like you nor will there ever be.
You have purpose.
You can make it.

You. Are. Loved.
By Love Itself.
God Himself calls you by name.
You are written on the palms of His hands.
You ARE somebody.
You have worth beyond measure.

And there is always, always, always hope.
Big beautiful life-giving Hope.

Much love y’all & knowing you really do belong in the Beloved,


(video courtesy of KariJobeVEVO)

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