The Big Bang Of Faith & Rising From The Ashes. Again.

Excerpt from a devotion I read this morning – thought it was powerful!

“- Come into to an understanding that I framed this world by faith. I looked into the chaos and into the darkness that was without form and void and I spoke that thing that I desired. What man calls the Big Bang was simply the sound of My voice reverberating in the unformed chaos of pre-creation. ((Ha!!! I love it!!!)) I spoke and the earth came into manifestation according to the dictates of My expectations. This is the creative power that I have given to you, that I have given to every man – even the measure of faith to form, fashion, and transform the world around you. The very quantum energy of created reality is in your mouth, as a gift from My hand. Reform your thinking from a mind filled with lack, poverty, and sickness. Your faith can only manifest that which is hidden in your heart as I said in My word “as a man thinks in his heart so is he”. If you don’t like what is in your life, change what is in your heart and then open your mouth boldly to declare and transformation will come!

This is what it means to “have the faith of God”. Learn what this means and weeping and sorrow will flee away and joy and rejoicing will come as you partake of the powers of the world to come and see your life transformed according to the template of heaven come to earth. This is Who I am – this is what I do! This is My faithfulness that I have released to you – yes and even made available to every man and woman if they will only call upon My name! Receive of My bounty! Receive of My goodness for I am a good God and I have good things in store for you beyond what you could ever ask or think.”

Sometimes we need this kind of admonishment – to rise above the ashes that are still burning around our feet. To quiet the storm that is raging & swirling around us so loudly that we can’t think straight. We can’t feel straight. We find ourselves just blur-ring from one day to the next. Been there. Oh who am I kidding? – I am there now.

Good things are in store & joy comes in the morning – in spite of what hisses around us. Please know that is true.

Rise Family! Rise!

Much love & more walking in the free gifts we carry,


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