Love, My Purpose? & Gratitude

I used to think that I wasn’t being much of a Christian at all if I did not aspire to preach or teach or do something earth-shattering in the “kingdom”. That if I wasn’t busy do-ing this or do-ing that in the “church” I wasn’t of any real value as a believer. I used to wear suits & covet Joyce Meyer’s gifting. You won’t find a suit in my closet anywhere now. Because back then I also thought I was better than, more spiritual than, more enlightened than… That time in my life served a purpose & I am thankful for it. I just don’t want to go back. It’s a personal thing.

In my older, little-more-wiser?? age, I now personally believe that showing genuine kindness & love & acceptance towards other people – believers & non-believers – is what I am “called” to do. At least in part anyway. I hear the hissing that that is just a cop-out to not be do-ing more. You know, in truth, there probably is more down the road for me, but for now, that’s where I find my joy.

I love loving people right where they are. Seeing the good & shining the light on it. All some folks need is just to be truly seen, to know that they have worth & value. To know that they are loved & that life is not hopeless. That they have purpose, gifts, hidden gems the world needs. We all need each other ~ don’t we?

And most of all, the thing that turns me inside out – is showing my gratitude & love to God for all He is to me. With the ugly cry sometimes. With my proverbial guts hanging out sometimes. Because I don’t deserve to be as blessed as I am.
And sometimes I have to just stop & remind myself of that by pouring my soul out to my Redeemer.

Much more love y’all & doing it on purpose,


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