Pain & The Process Of Freedom

Well my day started off with an accident – between a hot-a** curling iron & one of my “girls” – yikes. Might as well laugh about it. It is constantly reminding it happened though – by hurting every second. Phew.

OK, so – any of you carrying around something that’s a constant painful reminder? I’ve had a few of those. To get over it just takes time. And healing. Lots of healing. It will not happen overnight but it will get better. It will. If you really want it to.

God has been faithful to come right alongside me whenever I’ve really desired to be free in some area. And in every one of the areas, there was always, always pain. The pain is what had me squirming. Scrambling. Flailing. I’ve tried other methods to douse the flames – but none of them worked longer than temporarily. Not one.

The word says whom the Son sets free is free indeed. I can attest to that. And I have gotten said freedom in so many areas, like seriously. Have I arrived yet? Ummmm that would be a big ol’ no. I suspect that won’t happen till the other side of heaven.
But I am braver, taller, stronger & I love myself more today than before. And that’s a hallelujah for me.

Randomly throughout my day-in & day-out it will hit me. Just how far God has been able to bring me because of my willingness to lean into the process of freedom. The hellish, scary, wonderful, crazy process of freedom. And I will just weep – just like that – like someone turned on a jet in my heart.

I was a MESS y’all – you have no idea. After all I have done & allowed & the places I’ve been that I should have never tread – for Him to bless me, to love me & to accept me the way that He has ~ & does ~ is nothing short of miraculous. And I will proclaim His goodness as long as I have breath to breathe. I will.

I say it & say it but it couldn’t be more true –
He is so, so good to us ~ in spite of us.

Thank you Lord.

Much love & freedom y’all,


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