Our All-Mighty

Good morning out there on blog-land! This is an excerpt from a devotion I received from Father’s Heart Ministry – I believe it will encourage you. Let the words wash over your soul. God’s goodness is never-ending towards us.
“I do not despise you when you cling to Me. I do not disdain you when you run to My name as a child runs to the arms of its mother. No I do not look down upon you or disdain your dependence upon Me. I rejoice that in Me you have chosen to find a place of safety in My courts, for that is why the cost of Calvary was paid in your behalf. I have prepared for you a place here by Me. I am a harkening God that hears the cry, even the plaintive cry in the night seasons and your moments of heartbreak and despair. Even as you’ve cried to Me in the night know that you will hear My voice in the morning. You will hear My voice of comfort on your behalf and you will hear My voice of thunder against the enemy who has encroached upon your borders. There are those that claim falsely that I place a premium upon suffering but I take no pleasure in the wickedness of man perpetrated against you and I will not tolerate the evil that seeks to dwell in your midst. I will consume with the blast of My nostrils the foolishness of the reckless ones that presume to trifle with you. I will execrate them from your life. I will cause iniquity to be purged from your boundaries. I will destroy the deceitfulness of the deceitful and I will remove far off from you the bloody and the dishonest ones. You on the other hand will be established in My house and in My purposes. You will taste of My goodness and drink deeply from the multitude of My mercies. In My holy place says the Father you will worship and be unafraid of the depredations of the enemy against your soul.”
Hallelujah Lord. You are all-mighty, all-knowing, ever-present & ever-loving towards us. What a good Daddy you are – how awesome is your power in our lives. We worship you this morning. We thank you this morning. We love & praise you for all that You are.

In Jesus’ precious, sweet, wonderful name,


(image courtesy of disciplemagazine.com)


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