Stepping Into The River

Someone out there needs this encouragement this morning.

You may be facing a decision, crossroads, a dilemma of some kind & maybe fear has you paralyzed. Sometimes it’s a decision to stay, or to go – to turn back towards home or make a new one. I pray over every person reading that God gives you wisdom & grace to do what you must. To do what is best. He is a good Daddy. Always remember that. The very best.

It’s from a devotion I subscribe to called Girlfriends In God ~

Joshua 3:15-17 (NCV) During harvest the Jordan overflows its banks. When the priests carrying the Ark came to the edge of the river and stepped into the water, the water upstream stopped flowing. It stood up in a heap. So the people crossed over.

Notice God did nothing until those toes touched the water. That first step was all God needed to see. We are so often afraid to take the first step of change because we’re afraid we won’t be able to make the whole journey.

Don’t wait until you believe it all.
Don’t wait until you can see it all.
Don’t wait until you understand it all.

Trust God and step out in faith. He will meet you there. He will.

Much love & faith y’all,


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2 thoughts on “Stepping Into The River

  1. Carl Ray

    A well-needed read this morning. 🙂
    It reminds me that trust then action make up faith. No trust means no action. No action means no faith. A little bit of both means a bit of faith. Faith in God the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. 😉

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